Naturopathic and Nutrition

A thorough holistic review of your health concerns to encourage rapid healing and restore your vitality, including a complete assessment of your diet and lifestyle. Embrace the ultimate in wellness – be renewed.

Initial Consultation and Assessment
60min $185

Follow Up Review
60min $160
30min $80

Acute Consultation
60min $165
30min $85

Short Consultation
15 min $60

Dietary Assessment & Report

Telehealth / On Line consultations are also available and charged at the same rate as in house consultation. Please note: Natural medicines and supplements are customed to your individual case and an additional cost to your program.


For the recovery of your musculoskeletal maladies. With the distinct benefits of calming and revitalising your nervous system, boosting your immunity, instilling peace and provoking a deep sense of relaxation. Enchant your senses, soothe your soul and promote intensive healing.

With each treatment session, indulge with our complimentary foot soak, pure essential oils and soothing herbal teas it is time to be nurtured.

Skinnydip Signature
Our version of the ultimate massage – an infusion of our favourite massage techniques and the added luxury of aromatherapy, muscle soothing liniments with weighted heat packs to slow your nervous system and to coax tense muscles.
60min $155
75min $175
90min $195

Remedial & Deep Tissue 
A bespoke, intensive massage that incorporates deep corrective work to release sore or injured muscles and joints. Our highly therapeutic approach will ensure you are on the road to recovery and at the same time leave you feeling deeply nurtured.
60min $155
75min $175
90min $195

Relaxation & Lymphatic
Relaxation massage features long flowing strokes to gently melt tension and restore your nervous system. Lymphatic treatments are the lightest in touch – perfect to decongest and decrease fluid retention as well as to detoxify, whilst boosting your immune system.
60min $150
75min $170
90min $190

Stone Therapy
Heated volcanic stones, sweeping over your body. Each stroke, melting away all aches and pains. The perfect treatment to defeat the winter chills and a welcome relief for sore, sensitive muscles and joints. Lulled into a dreamy meditation, you will emerge feeling simply, sublime.
90min $205
120min $295

Herbal Compress
Custom-blended herbal poultices from our Apothecary are steamed and then gently pummelled and massaged over your body. Superb for improving circulation, assisting with detoxification, reducing inflammation and pain whilst strengthening your immunity. A warming, exquisite aromatic journey.
90min $205
120min $295

Women's Wellness Massage

For gorgeous mums-to-be. A safe, nurturing massage to support you throughout your pregnancy journey. Designed to assist your blossoming body with its ongoing transformation, as well as contributing to the wellbeing of mum and growing bub. A blissful, bonding therapy for you both.

With nourishing aromatic oils formulated for each trimester to ease heaviness, swelling and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

60min $165
75min $185
90min $199


Proudly featuring Noosa’s iconic skincare brand, Saya – the best of active organic Australian botanicals to naturally restore and repair your skin. Exquisite formulations to enhance your inner and outer glow. Relish a peaceful escape from your busy life whilst regenerating radiant, youthful skin. Be naturally beautiful.

Saya Facial
Saya Australian Organic & Botanical Skincare
Decadent custom designed facials featuring native ingredients for hydration, detoxification, clarifying & anti-ageing.
60min with hand and foot massage and ozone steam $165
90min with back, hand and foot massage and ozone steam $225

Botanical Hydrojelly Facial x Saya
Featuring a refreshing, firming and lifting jelly (peeling) mask made from beneficial skin healing algae and infused with electrolytes to transform your skin. Hydrojelly masks enable deeper absorption of the nourishing ingredients used in this facial.
60min with hand and foot massage $180
90min with back, hand and foot massage $235

Heated Stone Facial
Infused with Saya Organic & Botanical Skincare
A highly nourishing facial that amplifies the enriching effects of Saya’s botanical actives. Massaging heated volcanic stones over your face, infuses the healing ingredients deeply in to your skin for more intensive hydration results. Pure bliss.
60min with hand and foot massage $175
90min with back massage and hand and foot massage $230

Steamed Herbal Compress Facial
Featuring Saya Organic & Botanical Skincare
From our Apothecary – therapeutic herbal poultices, tailor made to soothe your skin, decongest & aid skin detoxification. We partner this with Saya Organic & Botanical Skincare for a flawless, radiant glow.
60min with hand and foot massage $175
90min with back, hand and foot massage $230

Organic Facial
Antipodes Natural & Organic skin care from New Zealand
Soothing, anti-ageing, hydrating and perfect for sensitive skin types
60min with hand and foot massage and ozone steam $165
90min with back, hand and foot massage and ozone steam $225

Spa Style

Foot Massage with Reflexology
For your sore, tired feet. Drift away as they are scrubbed, massaged, loved and lavished. Reflexology is a highly therapeutic treatment, stimulating points to promote whole body wellness. Your feet and soul will be left floating.
Includes an exfoliating foot scrub, hydration treatment and aromatherapy hot towel wrap
60min $165

Body Wrap
Our hydrating cacao body mask will soothe your skin and send you off to daydream. We begin with a full body dry mitt exfoliation to take away dry, dull skin and follow with a smothering of warm organic body butter. Be cocooned & drenched in the finest of healing nutrients to nourish and rejuvenate your skin and spirit.
75min $185


Ear Candling & Sinus Release Massage
A gentle, effective treatment to relieve congested sinuses and ears or fabulous before and after flying to equalize! Also a wonderful therapy to add to your cleansing protocol or simply to relieve your ears of excessive wax build up. We combine our treatment with a lymphatic massage focusing on your face, neck and shoulders, combined with ozone steaming and therapeutic herbal compresses. An immune boosting and hypnotic therapy.

Ear Candling with Sinus Release
ear candling treatment with facial massage
60min $165

Ear Candling with sinus release, back, neck and shoulder massage
ear candling treatment with lymphatic back, neck, shoulder and sinus release massage and steam therapy
90min $215

Ear Candling & Facial
ear candling treatment with heavenly Saya Organic & Botanical facial, steam therapy and sinus release massage
90min $225

Nurturing Rituals

When taking some sacred time out for yourself, add on a nurturing ritual to compliment and amplify your healing. Available as an add on with 1 hour or longer sessions or combine a couple of these for a truly unique spa experience.

Saya or Antipodes Mini Facial
Back, neck and shoulder massage
Face, neck and shoulder massage
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment and Massage
Foot Massage with Hot Towel Wrap
All 30min $85

Seasonal Offerings

Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Stay in touch with us to experience delicious, therapeutic seasonal treatment offers. Experiment with unique therapies and increase your healing potential wholistically throughout the year.





Skinnydip is Covid safe. We follow and act in accordance with all guidelines and directives provided by our professional association (the ATMS), NSW Health and the Australian Government Department of Health.