Welcome Gorgeous,

Your need for better health and vitality has lead you to us at Skinnydip. You are meant to be right here, right now and it is time to transform your health and your life, embracing a new direction where you are feeling incredibly renewed and incredibly well!

I am a Wellness Mentor, a clinical naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and skin care and therapeutic product formulator, and my team and I are here to guide you through your very own wellness journey.

I believe taking a personal and open approach is incredibly important to staying connected and authentic as a practitioner (and as a human). In being transparent and understanding with my clients and through continued professional development, I have cultivated a unique perspective and extensive knowledge of the treatment of chronic and stress related health issues.

I grew up understanding the potential of natural therapies from an early age after first being diagnosed at age 2 with a combination of severe autoimmune diseases – diseases that would go on to positively transform my life. Yes, I say positively because I have been moulded by this painful experience into a sensitive, intuitive therapist who understands and empathises with your health story.

When I was a child, my dedicated Omi (grandmother) was determined to find solutions to relieve my illness and pain. Her insistence for exploring natural therapies is where my powerful journey of self-healing began.

Herbal medicine, dietary changes, nutritional supplements and body work have all played major roles in achieving remission from my disease but have also equipped me to maintain a healthy balance in my life. Ultimately it has inspired me professionally to become a practitioner in the quest of helping others to achieve optimal health and wellness.

After working in the health, spa and retreat industry for over 20 years I feel incredibly grateful to have had the experience of practising in some of Australia’s leading health retreats and award-winning spas including Gaia Retreat & Spa, Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa, and the Buddha Gardens Day Spa, to name but a few. All of these incredible opportunities were a rich source of inspiration and knowledge, laying a strong foundation for my work as a wellness mentor to inspire others to embark on their own personal healing journeys.

My team and I are delighted to contribute to your wellness journey. We humbly offer our beautiful urban retreat, life-changing wellness programs and divine therapeutic offerings to you, in the belief that together we can achieve for you a life filled with vibrant health and continual transformation!

Love Nisha x

Nisha (Nicola) Bradley
Skinnydip Founder & Wellness Mentor
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Spa Therapist
Skin care & Therapeutic product Formulator
ATMS Member (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)




Skinnydip is Covid safe. We follow and act in accordance with all guidelines and directives provided by our professional association (the ATMS), NSW Health and the Australian Government Department of Health.